Torre Canavese

Overlooked by the imposing buildings of the historic centre, Torre Canavese stretches out on the slope of a hill, the extreme western offshoot of the Ivrea Morainic Amphitheatre, the largest in Europe, created by the retreat of the imposing Alpine glaciers. In the highest part of the village is a castle built at the time of King Arduino (955-1014). Today the castle, which has undergone progressive transformations and modernisation over time, is home to the Antiques Gallery owned by antiquarian and art dealer Marco Datrino. To his initiative we owe a series of prestigious exhibitions, which have brought fame to the town. A large number of artists from the former Soviet Union have adorned the walls of the houses with painted panels, a sort of 'en plein air' museum, which also houses works by some Canavese artists.

There is also a small picture gallery in the village named after Raissa Gorbacheva where periodic exhibitions are held. In the historic centre, along the path known as the 'Viassa', the cinematographic universe of the famous Italian director Federico Fellini has been reconstructed, in a walk that retraces, through images, his cult films: a permanent installation that is worth visiting during the day or in the evening, illuminated in an evocative atmosphere.

It was also here that the great Canavese crepuscular poet Guido Gozzano drew inspiration for the ethereal and nuanced visions of the 17th-century dormer of Miss Felicita.