Lanzo Torinese

Lanzo is located in the heart of the valleys of the same name and was founded in the Middle Ages, evidence of which remains in its rich historic centre.

What makes it famous is the "Devil's Bridge" dating back to the 14th century, which, according to legend, was built by the devil himself. It is connected to the Natural Park, which preserves the curious "Marmitte dei Giganti", ancient rocks eroded by the rivers.

The village is dominated by the Castle Tower, dating back to the 11th century. The churches are also worth visiting, starting with the parish church of San Pietro in Vincoli. There are many museums that tell the history and traditions of the Lanzo Valleys, including the Ecomuseum of the History of Mountaineering and that of Textile Art.
Local products include torcetti, rolled biscuits, and grissini, invented by a Lanzo doctor for the Savoy court in the 17th century.