San Secondo di Pinerolo

The earliest records date back to the late Middle Ages, but it was in the 18th century, after the religious wars between the Catholics and the Reformed, that the municipality experienced a development in fruit-growing, wine-growing and the handicraft of terracotta pottery (the tupin), numbering no fewer than 14 manufactories in the 19th century. In the historical centre, one can see residential buildings of architectural merit and the old well, which has become the symbol of the town. Of particular artistic interest is the parish church, a fine example of Piedmontese Baroque, built by architect Giuseppe Girolamo Buniva in 1773. The 18th-century Church of the Confraternity of the Holy Trinity and the Waldensian Evangelical Temple, inaugurated in 1958, are also worth a visit. The Miradolo Castle, venue for art exhibitions, and the park surrounding it of over 6 hectares are worth a visit.