Since 1268, the history of Vinovo has been linked to the Della Rovere family to whom we owe the name of the Renaissance-style palace built between about 1510 and 1515, the Rovere's Castle. In 1775, part of the castle was used as a factory for processing majolica and porcelain, contributing to the growth of Vinovo. Today, in addition to housing the library, it is home to art exhibitions surrounded on three sides by a beautiful park. The municipality is home to the Juventus Training Center, a civil-sports complex owned by the Italian football club Juventus Football Club and the trotting track. A few kilometres away, although belonging to the municipality of Nichelino, is the Palazzina di Caccia di Stupinigi, a residence originally used for hunting, built for the Savoy family and declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.