Its origins date back to the 11th century. Of historical and artistic interest are the church of San Giovanni Battista, rich in frescoes from the Renaissance period, the church of the Spirito Santo or of the confraternity, and the parish church of the Assunta built in the early 17th century and enriched with precious stuccoes and a splendid 19th-century terracotta façade. Just outside the town is Palazzotto Juva, an ancient residence of the Piedmontese nobility, which opens its rooms to the public with the story of its history, paintings by the painter Mariani and contemporary works of art in the gardens, halls and courtyards. Palazzotto Juva, an Italian Historical House, is included in the Itinerary of Historical Houses in the Pinerolo area, which groups together nine residences located in the area between Turin and Pinerolo. The Historical Re-enactment of the Battle of Marsaglia, which took place in 1693 between France and the European powers allied in the Grand Alliance, including the Duchy of Savoy, is a well-established event that takes place every last Saturday and Sunday of September. In Strada Antica di Pinerolo you can visit the eco-museum route dedicated to the Battle of Marsaglia and the Baron Cross.