Chiomonte is a characteristic town in the Susa Valley consisting of the main town and the hamlets of Frais and Ramats, which are distributed along the two sides of the valley forming a large "U", ranging from 750 to 1500 metres above sea level. The town, the last of the Occitan area, was for a long time a borderland between Dauphiné and Piedmont, which it returned to in 1713, after almost 500 years of French rule.

Its history is written in the secret courtyards, in the tunnels that run under the historic centre, in the medieval porticoes, in the wall frescoes, in the mills, in the 16th century fountains and in its hidden symbols: a wooden demon and a stone face that, for hundreds of years, have watched over passers-by, discreetly and often unnoticed. Chiomonte is home to some of the highest vineyards in Piedmont, a vine with millenary origins, the Avanà, is cultivated and the Vino del Ghiaccio (Ice Wine) is produced, so called because it is harvested in January. This territory and its hamlets are immersed in a lush and breathtaking nature. Ramats, which is on the sunny side of the valley, is surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation (almond, peach and rosemary trees), while on the northern side is the Frais ski resort where, in 2006, the national Olympic teams trained.