Halfway between Torino and the ski resorts of Alta Val Susa, Gravere offers tourists a territory rich in historical and natural attractions. The town is divided into villages: Armona, Arnodera, Bastia, Grande and Piccolo Essimonte, Mollare, Morelli, Olmo and Valdisogno are the main ones; Refornetto is where the town hall and parish church are located. Madonna della Losa and Deveys are now exclusively holiday hamlets. The ideal centre of the village is Piazza Cesare Meano, which can be reached by climbing up from Susa, the starting point for exploring the various hamlets.

The territory is wide, rich in meadows alternating with woods, and offers possibilities of naturalistic but also historical-artistic entertainment, thanks to the numerous testimonies left over the centuries. Gravere welcomes you with its history, its territory and its food and wine specialities, an unmistakable sign of hospitality and a simple, practical and genuine offer.