Made in Torino

There’s no denying, for a long time the image of Torino was of industry, greyness and immobility... and perhaps that what it was really like. But now the city has dramatically changed and that vocation has become a source of pride to present to the world: the "made in Torino" enterprise is ingenious and innovative, dynamic and vital.

High technology makes it the home of the automotive industry and car design, as well as one of the top Italian centres in the aerospace industry.

Here the producers of taste have generated names that have brought the spirit of Torino to the world. But it is a city that also loves the beautiful, the thrill of luxury, the pleasure of owning a unique product: 

The Lingotto merits a chapter of its own, the historic FIAT factory in operation from 1923 to 1982: refurbished by the architect Renzo Piano, it has been turned into a conference centre with a large auditorium and an exhibition space, a raised shopping street, two hotels, a cinema complex and the prestigious Giovanni e Marella Agnelli Art Gallery.

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