Torino Magica ®

Rising at the confluence of two rivers, the Po and the Dora, and located at the apex of two triangles, that of white magic and that of black magic, Turin boasts a secular esoteric tradition.

The city of Turin has a long tradition of esoteric magic.
An intriguing and curious path of disturbing faces, Masonic enigmas and esoteric symbols brings to life the mystery of the Devil’s Gate, the ghostly dragons, the legend of the alchemic caves, culminating in the veiled woman holding the chalice of the Holy Grail, under the watchful eye of the most famous ghosts.

All the magic of a city in an itinerary that recounts the transmutation and mystery of Turin.
It takes place on Saturday at 6pm

Please note: from 1 February to 30 March 2021 the tour will take place entirely on foot in groups of a maximum of 15 people, respecting the interpersonal distancing foreseen by the DPCM.

Cost per person:
€ 25.00

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From 27/02/2021 to 31/12/2021