The typical dishes and old local recipes still reign supreme on the tables of Torino and its province in an ever vibrant tradition passed down through the centuries to the present day, taking the same unchanging care in the choice of raw materials.

Although delicious first courses, full of tradition and flavour, are to be found in Torino's menus all year round, three really important ones are essential in the spring:

Agnolotti del plin, tasty filled ravioli

Gnocchi alla bava, a perfect combination of the potato dumpling with the local toma cheese

Tajarìn, thin pasta strips, bright yellow in colour from the egg yolks in the dough.

For centuries, however, the undisputed king of Piemonte's tables has been the ravioli "Messer L'Agnolotto": served with plain butter and sage or with a traditional sauce from roast meat juices, it never fails to become a popular sovereign and win over new "subjects".

But it doesn't stop there! Apart from the first courses, in the participating establishments you can also find the famous appetisers (such as Vitello Tonnato – veal with tuna sauce), the great classics (including the Finanziera stew) and end with a delicious dessert (perhaps a bonet...).

Keep updated with us to find out about the dishes specifically for the summer!

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From 30/03/2019 to 30/06/2019