Every weekend from January to March, enjoy and ask for the top four classic recipes in the restaurants and trattorias listed here: you will make an unforgettable experience!

On the tables of Torino and its province, the typical delicacies and old local recipes are the undisputed protagonist of a tradition today as alive as ever, passed on through the centuries with undiminished care in the choice of raw materials.
In the winter months, the main ingredient is without doubt meat, coming from the best farms in the region.

Prepared in wide numbers of way, it is the base for making top three classic piedmontese recipes:
• the Gran Bollito Misto, mixed boiled meats presented in 7 cuts and accompanied by tasty, very unusual sauces

• the Fritto Misto alla Piemontese, mixed fried meats, the symbol of farm food where nothing gets wasted and savoury and sweet ingredients are combined together
• the Finanziera, the favorite dish of bankers and finance directors in the 1800s

But in this season the uncontested Queen of the piedmontese gastronomy is the Bagna caoda, a hot sauce made of anchovies, garlic and olive oil.
And in spring you will enjoy other dishes of our culinary tradition.

It's not over! Besides the top three classics, in the participating establishments you can taste our famous appetisers (like the Vitello Tonnato), first courses (among which then Plin) and delicious desserts (maybe a Bonet...)

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