Due to the current circumstances and to ensure safety conditions, inside the museums all visitors will be required to follow the social distancing measures recommended.

To make the most of their Torino+Piemonte Card and to secure their entrance, Card owners entitled to free admission can find the Card reference in the online booking systems of the following most popular attractions, where they are highly recommended to book the slot entrance

Booking is required also for people younger than 18 owners of the Junior Card and for the child under 12 accompanying an adult Card owner.

Online ticketing service might require a booking fee.

In the other museums telephone booking is encouraged.


In compliance with current government regulations from 6 August, it will be mandatory to show your Green Pass accompanied by an identity document to access to the museums. These provisions do not apply to children under the age of 12 and to individuals with a specific medical certification. Without the documents cited above it will not be possible to access the Museums and the Card purchased will not be refunded.

Considering the persistent health emergency and the resulting transition in the four areas (white, yellow, orange, red) we advise you to check the updates of museums/events on the official websites.