Tourist services

Discover the opportunities.. not just comfortable and efficient but with panoramic views giving you further inspiration for an unusual holiday, essential for everyone and particularly suited to families and young children.

The Torino+Piemonte Card and the Royal Pass entitle you to a reduced ticket on the Tourist Services of Torino, every day:

  • Mole Antonelliana Panoramic Lift: reduced ticket 7.00 €, on sale only at the ticket office inside the Mole Antonelliana or on the Cinema Museum website
  • Sassi – Superga rack tramway: reduced ticket 4.00 € round trip, on sale only at the ticket office inside the Sassi Station.
  • Venaria Express shuttle Bus to the Reggia di Venaria and Parco della Mandria, the Card owner can purchase on board the reduced daily ticket 4.00 € on sale on board the bus only on Sat., Sun. and holidays; moreover, Tuesday to Friday it is possible to travel with the multi-day or ordinary ticket usually valid on urban and suburban transport. 
    Children under 6 enjoy GTT tourist services for free.

Every reduction can be applied to a kid aged 6-12 accompanying the Card holder. Tourist services are free for under 6.

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Discounts are also available for the City Sightseeing Torino and the Turin Eco City Tour.