Browse through the experiential proposals to discover one of the most surprising tourist areas of Piedmont, which extends from the plains to the mountains, branching out into three valleys to be discovered: Val Pellice, Val Germanasca and Val Chisone.


Its nerve center is the city of Pinerolo, an important commercial and touristic center known for its Chivalry, for its numerous museums, for its extraordinary historical center and for the numerous artisan activities as well as for its food and wine delights.

The valleys that branch off from the plain of Pinerolo are strongly characterized: the Val Pellice for the Waldensian culture and the Chisone and Germanasca Valleys for the unspoiled nature that allows the practice of many sports activities and alpine fortifications including the Fort Fenestrelle, symbol of the Metropolitan City of Turin and known to be the second fortified structure in the world after the Chinese Wall.


The Pinerolo area is also characterized by numerous thematic roads that run through it, including the Strada delle Mele and 750 km of bike paths that make it the land par excellence for lovers of two wheels at all levels.