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Plaster in all shapes!

This artisan workshop produces and sells reproductions of the most famous sculptures and reliefs from ancient Greece up to today.
Skilled and patient craftsmen copy these works in their smallest details using plaster. All their works can be bought and you can have portraits of Gods, Heroes, mythological figures and much more in your home. You will enter the world of sculpture by touching what reproducing works of such importance means
Via Sant’Ottavio, 42, 10100 Torino (TO)

45.0700589, 7.69618

  • Visite guidate
    Visite per gruppi su richiesta/Visits for groups on request

    Durata/Duration: 1h
    Pax/Participants: max 10
    Lingua/Language: ITA
    Età minima/Minimum age: 6 anni/years
    Prezzo/Price: € 2,00 a persona incluso diritto di prenotazione/per person reservation fee included