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Sculptures of the mind

Founded in Paris in 1938, the Publishing House publishes works of literature and poetry in the original language, combining the value of literary content with the design of the book.
Each edition, set by hand and printed in a limited edition, appears with an original typographic look, by virtue of the characteristic of wanting to convey the spirit of each author through the design of the book.
Tallone editions are known for: the exclusivity and beauty of the original characters, taken from hand-embossed punches; the quality of the print; the slender formats; the most prestigious paper.
The visit will allow you to get in touch with a reality that has preferred hand to mechanical composition, allowing you to get to know a publishing house that is one-of-a-kind.
Via Armando Diaz, 9, 10091 Alpignano (TO)

45.09339, 7.52698

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  • Visite guidate
    Visite per gruppi su richiesta/Visits for groups on request

    Durata/Duration: 1h30’
    Lingua/Language: ITA - EN - FRA
    Pax/Participants: min 5 / max 30
    Età minima/Minimum age: 18 anni/years
    Prezzo/Price: € 2,00 a persona incluso diritto di prenotazione/per person reservation fee included
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