The parish church of Rochemolles is mentioned in documents as early as 1296, but its current structure is the result of a complete rebuilding carried out between 1452 and 1456.
Recently restored, it has numerous valuable items inside: On the holy arch, in fact, it houses a splendid Annunciation, made at the end of the fifteenth century by the so-called Master of Coignet and of the Ramats, while the chapel of St. Sebastian, located to the right of the entrance, is decorated with scenes from the life and martyrdom of the Saint, attributed to work of the Maestro of Savoulx and probably made during the first decades of the sixteenth century.
The wooden apparatus is also important, as witnessed by the splendid coffered ceiling decorated with painted stars, from the late fifteenth century, and by the grandstand built in 1758 reusing perhaps some sixteenth-century elements.
Among the furnishings, the carved bookrest of 1621 and two early eighteenth-century paintings by Laurent Dufour of St. Michel de Maurienne are worth mentioning.
ROCHEMOLLES, 10052 Bardonecchia (TO)

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