Originally built by bishop Landolfo between 1010 and 1037, it was destroyed by the Visconti army in 1347 and only one of the four towers now remains of the original building.
During the 19th century it was transformed into a private dwelling and for some years was the residence of Count Brassier of Saint-Simon, ambassador for Prussia to the Kingdom of Sardinia. George Perkins Marsh, the first United States ambassador to the Court of Savoy, and his wife Caroline Crane stayed here in 1863, leaving still-visible traces of their visit.
An Italian garden with the typical mazes so appreciated by noblemen was built Inside the castle enclosure. The ground floor now houses the civic library, while the upper floors are home to the “Italian food style education” School of cuisine.
Piazza Vittorio Veneto, 7, 10040 Piobesi Torinese (TO)

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