Carton Rapid Race

The Carton Rapid Race is an original amateur race, in which brave participants aboard boats built on site and with the most extravagant forms, compete for 500 meters along the river.

A unique and original event of its kind, certainly the first in Italy and perhaps in the world, guarantees fun and entertainment thanks to the imaginative constructions.

Cardboard, tape and originality, and a fair amount of fun, these are the ingredients that every year attract tourists and inhabitants to the area to assist and participate in the competition where the winner is always the fun of the competitors and the public which, from the shores of the river, cheers the teams to the finish line.

Lots of sport and fun for adults but also children with a Paper race dedicated to them, as well as spaces to test their ingenuity and dexterity. The event and the river give life to a real festivity for participants and audiences of all ages.