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The ecosystem that generates future!

Barricalla is the company that manages the main industrial waste disposal plant in Italy.
The plant is divided into four lots, 2 of which are used up and have been redeveloped into a photovoltaic park.

The visit will allow you to see the entire waste disposal process: from laboratory analysis of samples to landfill disposal through a layered cultivation. Barricalla has chosen to dispose of waste with a commitment and a determination that made the Collegno plant become the best in Italy.
Working with the goal of achieving excellence, at every stage of the industrial process, Barricalla has become a "model plant": come and learn all about it!
Via Brasile, 1, 10093 Collegno (TO)

45.105086, 7.6103341

  • Visite guidate
    Visite per gruppi su richiesta/Visits for groups on request

    Durata/Duration: 1h
    Pax/Participants: max 25
    Lingua/Language: ITA
    Età minima/Minimum age: 11 anni/years
    Prezzo/Price: € 2,00 a persona incluso diritto di prenotazione/per person reservation fee included