The House of Resistance, founded in 1992 as a permanent exhibition of the Resistance on the initiative of Parliament Elio "Varzi", president of the PNA Valle Elvo and Serra, and the Biella Room partisans, now offers the visitor a historical Biella partisan movement path, using a large photo and documentary material - integrated synthetic explanatory texts - and deepening, in particular, issues and events related to the territory of the Greenhouse and the town of Sala. The photographs, original documents, vintage memorabilia (divided partisan, German and Anglo-American military equipment, civilian facilities) and recurring temporary exhibitions allow the visitor to fully relive those dramatic events, while the original, synthetic "model of territory "is well understand the physical spaces of Biella resistance. From season 2018 the permanent exhibition has added the new space " when they went to school the table. Elementary education during the fascist regime ", which retraces the steps of the fascist policy towards the primary school education - aimed at inculcating in young generations the ideological vision of the regime - through a selection of educational materials used in elementary school during the thirties / forties (textbooks, notebooks, report cards, texts reserved for teachers), while the photographic archive contributions Cesare Valerio gently granted by the Foundation Cassa di Risparmio di Biella, illustrating aspects of school life in the Biella.

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