Housed in the Chapel of the Brotherhood of the SS. Sacramento (Blessed Sacrament), next to the parish church of Santo Stefano, it contains the most important works of sacred art from this Alpine valley which has always been an important stopover point in the routes between North and South Europe.
It belongs to the Susa Diocesan Museum System and was set up in order to preserve and enhance many important artistic expressions housed in the parish church of Novalesa, some of which have a significant European dimension.
The collections range over various historical eras from the Roman, Lombard, Carolingian and Napoleonic periods: among these, the reliquary urn of Saint Eldrado (Abbot in Novalese during the 9th century) stands out, the work of a 12th century Rhine-Meuse silversmith.
In addition to the Chapel of the Brotherhood, the visit includes the adjacent parish church with precious paintings from the schools of Caravaggio, Rubens, Le Moyne and Daniele from Volterra, which were transferred from Paris to the Moncenisio Hospice and from there to Novalesa by will of Napoleon.
Via Maestra, 19, 10050 Novalesa (TO)

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