Museums and Foundations

In every month of the year there's a good reason for spending a few days in and around Turin..

A full programme of artistic, musical, cultural and wine & food events, or beautiful tours that take in abbeys, monasteries and the Sacro Monte chapels together with a huge heritage of castles and royal residences crowning our territory. It's never a problem to set out a route to be a joy to the eye, the spirit and the taste-buds: from the centre of the Turin, which encloses two thousand years of history, to strategic Alpine passes guarded over by impressive forts, passing along the way castles rich in history and interest, all visitors will find their ideal itineraries. But that's not all: festivals of music, cinema, art exhibitions and food festivals.

Turin and its surrounding areas are unique, bursting with every form of interest.


In compliance with current government regulations, from January 10th 2022 to access the Museums it will be mandatory that visitors show their  Reinforced Green Pass, accompanied by a valid identity document. This provision do not apply to children under the age of 12 and to individuals with specific medical certification.

Considering the persistent health emergency and the resulting transition in the four areas (white, yellow, orange, red) we advise you to check the updates of museums/events on the official websites.