Historical dwelling
The Palazzotto Juva is located inside the Cascina Pascolo Nuovo in Volvera. The first historical evidence dates back to 1628 when the community of Volvera sold a "Cassina della Margherita" (Margherita’s Farmstead), or rather Pasco’s, measuring 215 “giornate” (a “giornata” is an ancient unit of measurement in Piedmont and 1 “giornata” = 3810m2) to Count Urbano Piossasco Folgoris of Scalenghe, located on the border between Ayrasca and Volvera".
From the mid-1700s to almost all of the 1800s, new crops such as rice and vines were started on the farmstead, then replaced, during the last century, with wheat, maize and meadowland.
In the twentieth century the Palazzotto Juva was to become property of the Sella-Pallone Foundation and finally of Canavesio-Bruno, the current owners.


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  • the history and events of Palazzotto Juva will be illustrated in the park and garden outside the building.
Via Cascina Pascolo Nuovo, 77, 10040 Volvera (TO)

44.9414791, 7.5128695

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