Clinging to a wild cliff that separates the Val d’Ala from the Val Grande, this place, before taking shape over the centuries as a place of Christian worship, was occupied by the earliest inhabitants of the Valleys who erected their heathen idols.
The first chapel was built in the 14th century but was later extended thanks to the efforts of villagers who, for years, carried the building material on their backs. Until a few years ago, on public holidays, you would have been very likely to find sandbags at the entrance of the path of Cantoira: every believer in this way contributed to the restoration of the church, which became a Sanctuary in the 17th century.
The architectural complex is rectangular and the exterior is rustic and solid.
Inside you can see traces of frescoes: one in particular, from the 16th century, represents the Madonna Enthroned with Child and Santa Cristina. There are also preserved numerous votive offerings, the oldest of which date back to the 19th century.
The religious festival is on 24 July: the Saturday night nearest that date an impressive bonfire can been seen from Cantoira.
Non specificato, 10070 Cantoira (TO)

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