This is the largest and best known in the Lanzo Valleys, both its panoramic position and for the intense religious life animating it. The landscaped grounds make it one of the most popular places for tourists. The original chapel dates back to 1629 and its foundation is linked to the fame that Sant’Ignazio da Loyola, founder of the Jesuits, acquired in the territory of the Lanzo Valleys. In 1727 the Jesuits replaced the chapel with a larger church. In 1807 the Sanctuary was also acted as a spiritual retreat. The present day building shows three successive phases of construction. The structure has a central cross layout; on the front there is a remarkable door on which is carved the emblem of the Jesuits and has a fresco above depicting the miracle of the apparition of Sant’Ignazio. Inside, of special interest is the high altar, attributed to Bernardo Antonio Vittone, as are the two baroque confessionals. The processional machine, a complex of wooden statues originally placed on top of Monte Bastia which emerges for a few metres from the floor, was moved in 1967 to the back of the Church. The festival of the Sanctuary takes place on 31 July.
Frazione Sant'Ignazio, 10070 Pessinetto (TO)

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