The Magnetti Theatre is part of the parish property leased by the municipality to host almost the entire theatre season in Ciriacese.
In the past, the theatre, built at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, was a large farmhouse, donated to the local parish through a bequest. Two large rooms were made out of it: one dedicated to the oratory, the other used as a theatre. 
Over the decades, the structure has been restored several times and adapted to modern performance requirements, while retaining its old charm.
The story of the city’s vicissitudes is inscribed in Magnetti’s architecture.  Currently, the theatre has a capacity of 147 seats and a large stage, equipped with stage equipment, lighting and backdrops.
Via Cavour, 28 (interno cortile oratorio), 10073 Ciriè (TO)

45.2360548, 7.6048618