The Project

Via Francigena is a historical itinerary, the main route where in the past thousands of faithful from Europe went on a pilgrimage to Rome, the heart of Christianity.
Piemonte Region commissioned Turismo Torino e Provincia to developed a large project of promotion and communication within the interregional operations on "Via Francigena", with the aim of translating the historical information in a real tourism product, enhancing the area and increasing the number of pilgrims and slow tourists.
Nowadays, the Francigena routes in Piedmont are suggestive paths of faith but also routes suitable for everybody where to enjoy appetizing tastings.
These routes connect the Alpine passes of Gran San Bernardo, Moncenisio and Monginevro to Canavese area and Val di Susa up to Torino, Vercelli.
Along these itineraries ideal for hikers but also for families and slow tourists, you will discover areas rich in historical and artistic landmarks such as Sacra di San Michele, charming landscapes such as the Ivrea Morainic Amphitheatre and the excellent food and wine.