Km 6 / Elevation change - 5
Leaving the built-up area, a country road crosses the old communal road, bordered by low walls and parallel to the SS24. The dirt road on your left continues between corn fields, vegetable plots and vineyards until reaching the area of Malpasso which, according to local tradition, was home to the brigands who robbed the wayfarers: this route avoids the state road until the crossing with the road of Pianverso. A short deviation leads to below the farmhouses Roland and Giaconera, historical places for resting and changing horses, above the Certosa di Banda and di Montebendetto which are some of the most ancient Carthusian settlements in Piedmont.
Continuing, you go through the town centre of Villar Focchiardo with the Parish Church of Santa Maria Assunta, an example of 18th century baroque typical to the Savoy dynasty, which shows the close link with the Carroccio family who commissioned it. The village, one of the most important producers of quality chestnuts in the Val Susa and Piedmont territory, is known for the historical Sagra del Marrone (Chestnut Fair).
, 10050 San Giorio di Susa (TO)

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