Massimiliano Pons

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Nature guides or environmental excursion guides
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Alpi dell'Alta Val Susa
Gran Paradiso
Pinerolo e Valli Valdesi
Valli di Lanzo
Valli e Terre di Susa
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The passion for naturalism is in my origins: my grandparents were from Val Germanasca and Val Troncea, they answered my first questions about nature.
I have always been attracted by everything I see, especially wild animals and plants blooming, while walking in the mountains. I like the idea of being able to share the wonders that I observe whenever I visit an area or a path, to share curiosities or emotions. That’s why I became a Nature Guide.
For about fifteen years I have also been passionate about photography, so much I have become a professional photographer.
My aim is to combine my experience as a photographer with my job as a guide, giving an added value to the excursions, by teaching participants the photographic techniques necessary to take good pictures, the techniques that allow to take home at least some of the emotions we experience admiring animals, flowers or landscapes.

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via fossat 9 a 10060 San Secondo di Pinerolo (Italia)