Departure: Meana di Susa - Frazione Campo del Carro
Elevation change: 1885 m
Development: 37,5 km
A very challenging route because of the gradient and because of the part that cannot be cycled for getting over the ridge of Monte Pintas. The climb is the "classic" one for reaching Colle delle Finestre from Val di Susa. It starts from the village of Campo del Carro. From Piazza Europa (0 km), the climb begins on tarmac, passing Via Grangia on the right (0.13), then the detour that leads to Madonna della Losa (0.36 - used for return) and lastly the Via Suffis on the left (0.46). Continue until the Colletto where the dirt road starts (8.77) and then, having gone past the Alpe Cassette (12.24), you come to Colle delle Finestre (16.88 – tarmac once again). You descend for a few hundred metres and then take the cart-track on the right which leads to Col Vecchia (17.18). Once at the Murò fountain, you go along the uphill path, which is particularly steep and means a considerable effort. To reach the crest of Monte Pintas is less than a kilometre, but means facing a rise of 220 metres. After having skirted the repeater, you ignore the track that climbs to the peak and continue down the narrow path (proceed on foot because it is very steep). Continue through meadows, making sure to head towards a wooden booth of a ski lift. Near this, the trail bends to the left and emerges on the wide traverse (that can be cycled again). Follow this for a while and then take a wide path on the left (20.22). This path has occasional stretches that cannot be cycled (where the surface is loose due to the presence of large stones), but still remain within acceptable limits. However, we advise going at moderate speed and being cautious. The surface improves as you descend. You should head towards the large and clear arrival station of the former Punta Falier lift, without being taken in by the side deviations which would take you far from your goal. In any case, the road follows the lines of the old Monte Pintas ski lift, where the cable supports are still clearly visible. Arriving at Punta Faliera (22.29) you take the dirt road that goes down to Pian Gelassa (25.42). Here you continue on the right, reaching the main road from Madonna della Losa (29.44). Follow it on the right and then turn towards the village (30.35). Pass through it and, having reached the last houses, take the Sentiero Balcone (30.71). Ignore the deviation leading to Deveis (30.97) and, on reaching a road (31.12), follow it on the right. Then take the path to the left (31.24) coming to Alteretto (32.10). From here continue along the dirt road and, at the first junction (32.43), turn right until reaching a big pylon (32.78). Here turn right, go through a short tunnel, then descend onto tarmac (34.52). At the first fork go right (35.15) along the Via Gravere. At the next, straight ahead (36.42) until you come across the way you came (37.09) which will return you to Piazza Europa (37.45).
Maximum altitude 2543m.
, 10050 Meana di Susa (TO)

45.1231274, 7.0629245