Difficulty: 6b / 7c+
Length: 15 minuti
Periodi consigliati:
01/05/2010 - 01/11/2010
The Parete dei Militi has been a magnet for Alpinists for over a century and, in the past, famous mountaineers such as G. Gervasutti, G. Rossa and P. Fornelli tracked out routes. Now the climb offers various modern trails, going up to 300m, and a good choice of traditional and classic routes.

The current "Settore Gare" cliff – now forming part of the history of international rock climbing because of staging the first three years of world free climbing championship (1985 – 1987 – 1988) – is the result of these three competitions. The cliff is splendid and eminently climbable. Typically a summer place, it only gets the sun in the morning. The routes are in technical style on a vertical or slightly overhanging wall, and generally have some holds cut in and resin flat-top holds, which were left over from the rock climbing competitions. The height of the routes indicated varies from 15 to 27m.

A recent overhaul of the wall has brought some order to the cliff, and it now has some ten stretches re-pegged with resin bolts, and almost the same number of renewed 10mm spit-fix. In total, the lengths numbering 5 to 21 are excellently equipped, except for number 6.

To reach the place from Bardonecchia, go in the direction of Colle della Scala-Francia, climb the Valle Stretta along its carriageable road – first asphalted and then becoming a dirt road – and then, having reached the plateau, on the left will be Parete dei Militi: the sector described is on the extreme left.

Height 1800m

Valle Stretta, 10052 Bardonecchia (TO)

45.069777598415, 6.6226530075073