The new merchandising line dedicated to the city aims to intrigue the people of Pinerolo, appealing to their sense of belonging, and to fascinate and entertain tourists. A tribute to the city that comes to life, thanks to the graphic reworking of the young local artist Oscar Cauda, in a line of practical and green articles.

The 'illustrated gadgets' are oriented towards eco-sustainability and range from shopping bags to organic cotton bags (produced according to certified standards regulating the use of harmful substances in textiles), from screen-printed paper pencil cases/envelopes to GrowTree jars with pine seeds (to grow a pinus nigra by giving back to the planet!).

Product information
From: 3 euro
Booking methods: In vendita presso l'Ufficio del Turismo di Pinerolo
Available languages: ITALIAN

From 01/01/2023 to 31/01/2025