Cavallaria… ma non si va al galoppo!

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The Municipality of Brosso is one of the main centers of Valchiusella.
In ancient times this was the first inhabited center that you encountered climbing the beautiful mule track that develops from the hamlet of Calea, in the underlying Municipality of Lessolo. The importance of Brosso grew to such an extent that its name was used for a long time as an identifier for the upper part of the valley, the Brosso Valley.
Developed on the glacial moraine located on the orographic right of the Dora Baltea river, since prehistoric times its importance and its wealth have been based on the mining exploitation in the numerous tunnels dug inside Monte Cavallaria, from which iron hematite and pyrite. Unfortunately, these galleries cannot be visited today for safety reasons.
Another noteworthy piece of news is the invention of Low Fire technology, also known as the "brossasca". The peculiarity of this technique was the greater ductility of the ferrous material during its processing, compared to other methods used previously. This metallurgical technology was so innovative that it was also exported outside the center of Brosso and soon spread throughout the Canavese area and beyond, until, after a few decades, it was replaced by the use of the Alto Forno.

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10080 Brosso
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10080 Brosso
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Recommended period: Primavera, Estate, Autunno soprattutto nelle giornate terse per poter ammirare il panorama sull'Anfiteatro Morenico d'Ivrea
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