Sentieri selvaggi: Alta Via del Canavese da Locana a Ceresole

Place of departure

10080 Locana


Patrizia Peinetti- Guida Ambientale Escursionistica- cell. 3404106172

A truly wild experience on ancient paths and vast territories where the human presence is now disappearing. These are places where ancient mountain pastures blend in with the folds of the mountains, where remote lakes are so stony grounds and rocky crags with strange profiles. A weekend suitable for sporty people with good hiking experience, for lovers of off-the-beaten-path places and unusual itineraries. From the Carello di Locana hamlet at 1400m above sea level we will make a crossing, keeping to the high slopes of the Val Grande di Lanzo, staying overnight in an unattended hut, and looking for our trail on the grassy and rocky slopes. We will loop one hill after another, one lake after another, and we will descend to Ceresole from the beautiful Colle della Crocetta. The two stages of the route are really challenging due to the type of route, the differences in height and lengths and the fact that it will be necessary to carrry with us the equipment to sleep in an unattended hut.

Meeting place
Locana (To)
Where the activity takes place
Orco Valley/val Grande of Lanzo Valley (To)
Length of activity
two days
Booking method
For reservations, detailed program and information you can write, by June 10th, to - guide fee for the two excursions is €68.64 per person, to be paid upon registration. Discounts for groups of minimum 5 people.
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