Freddo, vin brûlè, bombardino e bon.
Fa bello, nevica e bon.
1987, albertone, doppietta e bon.

These are just some of the most frequently used names that characterise the town of Sestriere. Thanks to the "SALUTI DA QUI" collection, they have become the claim of the new line of local-merchandising called "SALUTI DA SESTRIERE".

Saluti da qui is a container of light-heartedness, bright laughter and passion for the territory with the desire to give value to a place, making it the protagonist of every object: shopper, t-shirt, sweatshirt, beauty, notepad, water bottle, pencil, mug, umbrella, poster.

Everything is made with eco-sustainable materials: the cotton used for shoppers and cosmetics is 100% organic cotton with GOTS® certification. The t-shirts are Peta vegan and Ocs (Organic Content Standard) certified. The theme of sustainability is central to every item made.

The items are on sale at the Sestriere Tourist Office and at