Alpette is a small village at the beginning of Orco Valley at about 1000 metres above sea level, and its mountain climate makes it an ideal destination for a holiday or even for a short outing: in fact, it is only 51km from Torino, 34km from Ivrea, 10km from Cuorgnè and it is just outside the Gran Paradiso National Park.

After traveling about ten kilometres along the road from the municipality of Cuorgnè - which winds through patches of birch trees, small hamlets and dense chestnut groves - you reach the village, nestled in the green of the woods and pastures. The administrative centre and the numerous hamlets lie on a pleasant grassy plateau and make up a very picturesque panoramic spot, from which the gaze can sweep over Orco Valley and the Gran Paradiso massif. In the past, the quiet beauty of the plateau on which the village lies has attracted some prominent personalities. In fact, not only Gaudenzio Ferrari, but also Queen Elena of Savoy and the famous author of adventure novels Emilio Salgari allowed themselves a holiday in Alpette. In addition to the beautiful walks, the Mares-Mount Soglio peak (1971m above sea level) in about 3 hours of walking and Mount Soffietto (1250m above sea level) in about 1 hour, there are also 6 equipped picnic areas. Another itinerary worthy of attention is the one that leads from Alpette to Village Trione, with the typical huts with flagstone roofs. The hamlet is located at 1192m above sea level, on a panoramic spot from which you can enjoy the extraordinary panorama including the Tre Levanne, the Gran Paradiso, Colombo Mount, the Punta d’Arbella and the village of Frassinetto. Those who wish, can continue the walk as far as Trione di Sotto (1185m), surrounded by mountain pastures where narcissus and gentianella blossom.