With a Via Maestra (Via Fratelli Piol) leading up to its castle overlooking the morainic hill with its splendid views, Rivoli is a town connected to Turin by Corso Francia designed in the 18th century by the architect Michelangelo Garove and considered the longest straight road in Europe.

It boasts a charming historic centre with its 17th-century churches, historic cafés, one of the most prestigious contemporary art museums inside the castle - a Royal Residence on the UNESCO World Heritage List - and the Casa del Conte Verde, an important example of 15th-century Piedmontese architecture, the venue for cultural events and temporary exhibitions. In the former municipal slaughterhouse, built in Art Nouveau style in the 19th century by architect Eugenio Mollino, is the Circolo della Musica, a cultural and entertainment space managed by the Fondazione Circolo dei Lettori.