@turismotorino and @igerstorino's latest tour of the city's neighbourhoods takes us to the Parella and Borgo Vittoria districts.

Parco Dora

Parco Dora is one of the city's green lungs and part of the Spina 3 redevelopment. It stands on a former industrial area where, until the 1990s, the Fiat and Michelin production plants were active.


Mufant is the first museum in Italy dedicated to the fantastic and science fiction in all its expressions from books to cinema, from television to comics, passing through illustration, art, games and videogames.

Parco della Tesoriera 

Also known as Giardin dël Diav, the Tesoriera Park now houses a music library and a rich heritage of trees, shrubs and flowers.

Chiesa Nostra Signora della Salute

The Church of Our Lady of Health was built between 1895 and 1950. Its importance is linked to the memory of the siege of Torino in 1706 and preserves the remains of Saint Leonard Murialdo.

Villa Arduino

A neo-Gothic-style building, Villa Arduino is located in the Parella district, a few steps from the Pellerina Park, and was designed in 1928 by architect Paolo Napione for building contractor Giuseppe Arduino.

La Visitazione

Overlooking Corso Francia, La Visitazione Parish Church is surrounded by a garden, a legacy of the farmland that surrounded the church when it was built. Curiosity: during the First World War, part of the monastery was used as barracks.

Ex Officine Savigliano

A symbol of Torino's industrialisation, the Ex Officine Savigliano were among the most important Italian industrial companies in mechanics, electrical engineering and metal carpentry. Today they house a shopping mall.

Cascina Fossata

Between Borgo Vittoria and Madonna di Campagna, we find Cascina Fossata, a 17th-century building around which there are cultural activities, workshops, temporary residences, green spaces and a vegetable garden.

Parco della Pellerina

Considered the largest urban park in the city, the Pellerina Park is a favourite spot for Turinese for walks and running training, especially on holidays.


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