Cit Turin, San Donato e Campidoglio: Discover the disctricts in Torino

Today we are going to discover Cit Turin, San Donato and Campidoglio, three iconic and distinctive neighborhoods of Torino, close both geographically and in terms of their characteristics: home to uniquely styled buildings ranging from Art Nouveau to contemporary, defying the laws of physics and turning to infinity. And then the Leumann Village and the giant murals that speak of sustainability and the future. Here too, as in every neighborhood in Torino, there is much to see, and these are the must-see stops.

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Ansaldi Palace

One of Torino's secret treasures is located at 33 Via Susa: it is Palazzo Ansaldi, designed in the early 1900s by architect Carrera in a style between Art Nouveau and Neo-Gothic. The most curious detail? The crenellated turret with clock nicknamed the Westminster Tower.

Casa Fenoglio-La Fleur

At the exit of the Principi d'Acaja metro, Pietro Fenoglio's Casa Fenoglio-La Fleur is an admirable example of Torino's Art Nouveau style. Observe the decorations covering the facade, the wrought-iron balconies, and the splendid polychrome stained-glass window-a floral marvel!


Casa dei Draghi

Not far away, along Corso Francia, Palazzo della Vittoria is a triumph of details somewhere between neo-Gothic and Art Nouveau. A curiosity: the building is also known as the House of Dragons because of the two winged dragons on either side of the front door. 


Campanile di Santa Zita

Once an astronomical observatory, the Santa Zita Bell Tower is a true masterpiece of engineering. Visit the Faà di Bruno Museum or attend Open House Torino days to climb up the 300 steps and admire the city from 75 meters above.

Piazza dei Mestieri

Did you know that some of Piedmont's most important industries were developed in Borgo San Donato in the early 19th century? Today some of them have been redeveloped and are home to projects such as the Piazza dei Mestieri.


Villaggio Leumann

Leumann Village, named after Napoleon Leumann, the entrepreneur who had the neighborhood built, is an enlightened example of a late 19th-century industrial town. The complex was a cotton mill, with attached residential core and state-of-the-art family and leisure facilities.


Museo Arte Urbana

MAU, or Museo Arte Urbana (Urban Art Museum): Borgo Campidoglio is a quaint working-class neighborhood that is home to many murals and art installations on walls, doors, shutters and benches. A true outdoor museum to be discovered palm to palm!


Grattacielo di Renzo Piano

The Intesa Sanpaolo Skyscraper, or Renzo Piano's vertical building between innovation and sustainability. Step up to Piano35 for a cocktail and view Torino from the city's second tallest building.


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