Sant'Ambrogio di Torino

Located just below the Sacra di San Michele and at the entrance to the Susa Valley, Sant'Ambrogio took on this name with the arrival of the Lombards. There is a great deal of religious architecture in the municipal area, as well as palaces from the Middle Ages, and many towers from different historical periods that stand among the inhabited houses typical of the lower Susa Valley.

Along the mule track to San Pietro there is a Way of the Cross made in 1943, which also deserves to be walked by both the religious and the atheist as it offers a characteristic and enthralling panorama. The parish church of San Giovanni Vincenzo was probably built in the 11th century by the abbots of San Michele della Chiusa. The present building is the result of an almost complete rebuilding in the second half of the 1850s, designed by the famous Baroque architect Bernardo Vittone. If you're looking for nature, you'll find plenty to do on foot or by bike.

Finally, your palate will also benefit from a visit to Sant'Ambrogio: among the typical dishes and traditional drinks, we suggest you try the siule piene e rave fricasà, (stuffed onions and fried turnips), the Paste 'd Melia 'd Sant'Ambreus (Sant'Ambrogio's corn cookies) and the Elisir dell'Abate, a typical liqueur of the town that will amaze you.