Located at the confluence of the two roads leading to the alpine passes of Moncenisio and Monginevro, Susa has always been a strategic point of access to the Susa Valley.

Remains in the city the testimonies of the transits of the Romans, the Savoy family, the pilgrims who traveled the Via Francigena.

The most important monuments of the archaeological park date back to the Roman period: the Arch of Augustus, the Savoy Gate, the aqueduct, the Amphitheatre.

With the marriage of Countess Adelaide of Susa with Oddone of Savoy, Susa became the house of the court and the castle was built that still dominates the city from the top of the hill and now is the civic museum.

The churches testify to the numerous religious presences and the passage of pilgrims : from the Cathedral of San Giusto to the Church of San Francesco and the Church of the Bridge that houses the Diocesan Museum of Alpine Religious Art.

Susa is a lively commercial town that in the summer comes alive in its old town that offers many shops, bars and restaurants.


Susa Tourist Map