Choose the City Tour for your family or your group (max 35 people) you will have a tourist guide exclusively for you!

Booking is quick and easy!

1. Click BOOK NOW and fill in the form, choosing the date, the time and one of these tours: 


  • Torino Giro Città (a classic City Tour): a tour of the main monuments, baroque palaces, royal residences and museums
  • Torino Romana: to admire the ancient remains of Augusta Taurinorum, event the most hidden
  • Torino Capitale: to retrace the steps of the First Capital of Italy in its symbolic places
  • Torino Barocca: a tour through the Baroque masterpieces of the great architects and artists at the Savoy court

(Torino Giro città, Torino Prima Capitale, Torino Barocca, Torino Romana) and you will have a guide reserved for you for a 2 hours city tour. 

The visit can begin between 9 am and 6 pm and it costs:

95 € for the Italian tour up to 6 persons and 120 € for English, French, German or Spanish tour. 
110 € for the Italian tour up to 25 persons and 130 € for English, French, German or Spanish tour. 
130 € for the Italian tour up to 35 persons and 150 € for English, French, German or Spanish tour. 

The guide can be booked up to 24 hours before the chosen date*.


2. Check your inbox: you will receive a confirmation voucher with the name of your guide. You can contact him/her to arrange the details of the tour and payment.


If you wish another type of guided tour (for example a tour of 3 hours or a guided tour in a Museum) you can ask more information about our free guide reservation service writing to

* Please read the booking conditions to check any penalties in case of cancellation