The Rugèt di Gravere mine is located upstream of the Arnodera hamlet.
It opens up in the dolomitic marbles of the Cantalupo Unit, a geological formation traversed by a complex system of bands and tectonic sliding zones (faults). The main mineral exploited was galena, a lead sulphide containing small amounts of silver. Historical documents identify short periods of activity (1299-1302, 1589-1590, 1742-1752, 1825-1826).

Some archaeological finds, including a steel key from the 13th/14th century and three pieces of glass from a possible early medieval period, suggest that most of the work dates back to the centuries preceding the oldest preserved historical documents, i.e. to before the end of the 13th century, in connection with the increased diffusion of silver coinage that revitalised the European economy from the time of Charlemagne.
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