The project

Mangébin - Il Piemonte in tavola - is an ambitious project that aims to celebrate Piedmont's rich culinary tradition by promoting and keeping alive the authentic local culinary delights, strengthening the link between tradition and innovation, and placing special emphasis on the region's restaurants and wine producers.

In addition, to ensure an engaging pace for food lovers, 'Mangébin' will periodically organise thematic weekends dedicated to iconic traditional dishes. These weekends will be an extraordinary opportunity to immerse oneself in the gastronomic culture of Piedmont, tasting the unique flavours that only this region can offer.


The objectives

The project aims to promote typical Piedmontese cuisine and regional wines. The aim is to offer tourists and residents an authentic culinary experience, while supporting the local industry.

The criteria for joining 

Participating establishments will have to meet the following criteria

60% Typical Piedmontese Dishes: At least 60% of the dishes offered must be traditional Piedmontese cuisine, using local ingredients.
60% Piedmontese Wines: At least 60% of the wines served must be of Piedmontese origin, of which at least 10% must come from the province of Torino.


The Partners

Camera di commercio di TorinoAscom Torino, Confesercenti di Torino e ProvinciaCittà di Torino – settore commercio e turismo, Turismo Torino e Provincia