Wine and grape varieties

In the province of Turin there is a wide range of grape varieties, often cultivated in difficult areas, which are the result of a centuries-old tradition.

Alongside those of recent and increasing popularity - such as Barbera, Bonarda, Dolcetto, Freisa and Nebbiolo - there are others that, originating sometimes niche products with specific organoleptic characteristics, can be defined as ancient or even autochthonous thanks to their strong ties with the territory and the remote memory of cultivation: this is the case, for example, of Erbaluce di Caluso in Canavese, Avanà in Val Susa, Cari on the Collina Torinese, and Doux d'Henry in the Pinerolo area.

The resulting wines tell all this. There are 34 DOCG and DOC wines to seek out along the Royal Road of Turin Wines: in Canavese - a crossroads of encounters between nature and history -, on the Turin Hills - gentle reliefs, ancient villages, noble estates -, in the Pinerolo area - a treasure trove of rare pearls - and in the Susa Valley - a land of heroic cultivation.