Typical Products

A trip to Turin and its territory is also a journey into taste, to be savoured in a riot of sensations.
Here the appetisers are endless courses of meat, fish, vegetables, eggs, cold meats and cheeses, to be accompanied of course by breadstick, invented in the 17th century for the 'sick prince' Victor Amadeus II of Savoy.
As a first course, you cannot miss agnolotti, egg pasta filled with meat and seasoned with a choice of roast sauce, butter and sage, meat sauce or meat broth.
And the main courses are always very rich: from fritto misto - an incredible cohesion of sweet and savoury fried products- to bagna cauda, in which cabbage, hunchback cardoon, Jerusalem artichokes, peppers and many other raw vegetables are dipped, to bollito misto, accompanied by tasty sauces such as bagnet verd and the typical cugnà.
Also not to be missed is the wide range of high quality cheeses, from the Alpine valleys and handmade, the fruits that characterise each season and the incredible range of desserts: cakes, chocolates (how can you resist gianduiotti?), cream puffs, ice cream, zabaglione, hot chocolate...
All, of course, washed down with great red and white DOCG and DOC wines... in moderation!