Il Sentiero delle Anime

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With this itinerary we are going to discover a rather particular corner. The area of ​​interest is located in Valchiusella, a very green and still particularly wild area of ​​the Canavese. The name of this valley derives from the homonymous stream that crosses it for its entire length.
The town from which you start walking is that of Traversella, famous for the presence of numerous iron mines.
The route, located on the orographic left, is very interesting from a prehistoric and historical point of view for many reasons. First of all is the presence of numerous pre-Christian rock engravings, therefore very ancient, located between the Piazza Refuge and the Piani di Cappia.
The name of this itinerary is "the Path of Souls", in Piedmontese "Senter dj’anime". The origin derives from the popular tradition handed down orally. In fact, it was believed that the souls of the dead passed through here, so much so that it was not recommended to put fences for the beasts, which would have been frightened by seeing these figures. Superstitions aside, this path is very interesting due to the numerous rock carvings present: anthropomorphic figures, crosses, cupels, fertility slides, reticulated figures that allude to the Otherworld and chthonic divinities, that is, linked to Mother Earth.

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10080 Traversella TO
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10080 Traversella TO
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Accessible for disabled people: No
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Historical interest: Yes
Recommended period: Primavera, Estate, Inverno