Three residential neighbourhoods rich in history and culture: this month's tour with @igerstorino takes us on a discovery of Lingotto, Mirafiori and Santa Rita.


Let's start with the Pista 500: historically used by Fiat for testing the cars produced in the factory, now the Pista 500 houses contemporary artworks and an elegant roof garden. Don't miss the view of Monviso and the beautiful sunsets.


Pinacoteca Agnelli

Designed by Renzo Piano, it is located at the top of the Lingotto complex and was created to preserve and enhance the art collection of Giovanni and Marella Agnelli. It holds works by Balla, Canaletto, Matisse, Canova, Picasso and many others.


Carpano Museum

Located on the first floor of Eataly Torino Lingotto, the Carpano Museum lets visitors relive the highlights of the history and production of the historic vermouth now produced in the Fratelli Branca distilleries in Milano.


The Olympic Arch of Torino

Inaugurated in 2006 for the 20th Winter Olympics, the Torino Olympic Arch joins two parts of southern Torino, divided by the Lingotto railway line, and is one of the tallest and most daring structures in the city.

The Mausoleum of Bela Rosin

In the Mirafiori district stands the mausoleum of Bela Rosin, a neoclassical-style building that reproduces Rome's Pantheon on a smaller scale. It is dedicated to Rosa Vercellana, the morganatic wife of Victor Emmanuel II of Savoy, and was designed by architect Angelo Demezzi in 1886.


PAV - Parco d'Arte Vivente

The PAV - Parco d'Arte Vivente (Living Art Park) is an experimental centre for contemporary art, conceived by the artist Piero Gilardi. With an outdoor exhibition area and an interactive museum, it occupies a former industrial area of about 23,000 square metres and houses both permanent and in-progress works.


Villa Amoretti Public Library

Nestled in the heart of Santa Rita, the Villa Amoretti Public Library is housed in an 18th-century villa in the Rignon Park. In addition to lending books, the library houses a large courtly hall for temporary exhibitions and the historic Orangery.


Sanctuary of Santa Rita

The Sanctuary of Santa Rita is a landmark for the neighbourhood. Did you know that its construction, completed in 1933, is due to Don Giovanni Baloire and that the author of the project was Salesian architect Don Giulio Valotti?


The Piedmont Tower

Visible from outside the city, the Piedmont Tower, designed by architect Massimiliano Fuksas, is the tallest building in Torino and houses the headquarters of the Piedmont Region. With its 41 storeys, it has contributed to changing Torino's iconic skyline.


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