Founded by the Romans, the village is characterised by its walls with four gates, a tower, Gothic buildings with mullioned windows decorated with frescoes and the Church of San Donato, dating from 1220, which contains two ancient frescoes depicting St Christopher and the Virgin and Child. In the main square you can admire two 15th-century houses, with terracotta ornaments on the Gothic windows and frescoes from the 14th century depicting geometric motifs in lozenges and lunettes. Also of interest are frescoes and sundials on private buildings and church façades. The Emigration Museum, which recalls the past of migration from Italy and in particular from Piedmont, is worth a visit. In its territory, in the upper Val Noce, there is the Casa Canada Refuge, a legacy of the 2006 Olympics, at the foot of the Rocca Sbarua climbing wall.